No Fast Charge today

The email returns properly next Tuesday 27 April

Good morning all. I’m afraid on account of me being quite ill there is no Fast Charge today. But it will be back properly on Tuesday 27th April.

It’s a shame because there was a lot of interesting news following Earth Day yesterday. I’ll make up for it next week, I have an interesting story on VAT to share - bet nobody has said that before.

Very quickly, some stories I would have covered today which are worth looking at:

  • An American consumer group has found Tesla’s autopilot can be tricked into coming on. This follows the recent crash which Elon Musk claimed was not due to autopilot. Read more on the BBC.

  • While speaking of Tesla’s autopilot, is it any surprise that people do have crashes when there are videos like this (TikTok) doing the rounds on social media. Self-driving doesn’t exist yet, but videos like this blur the lines and could encourage people to misuse features.

  • New research by the AA of 15,000 motorists found 4 in 5 people believe EV’s are too expensive for them to trade in their fossil-fueled powered cars. Read more in the Daily Telegraph.

  • The CEO of Bosch has claimed the EU is “fixated” on electric vehicles, while ignoring other low-emission transport technologies, such as hydrogen and synthetic fuels. Read more in the FT.

  • The reverse marketplace Carwow has revealed it’s noted a 39% increase in searches for EV’s from January to March this year. Read more.

  • There has been a notable increase in the number of stories locally about electric scooter riders either being hit with fixed penalty notices or arrested (such as in King’s Lynn and Nottingham in only the last two days). In all parts of the UK, private electric scooters are illegal on public roads - yet there are still thought to be hundreds of thousands being used. Driving while drunk is also illegal.

  • Jaguar is the latest car manufacturer to be hit by the supply issues for semiconductors. They have been forced to stop production at two of three sites. Not good! Read more in The Times.

And that’s it until Tuesday I’m afraid!

By Tom Riley