No Fast Charge Today...!

No Fast Charge today

Good morning all,

I’m afraid due to huge connectivity problems at my end there will be no Fast Charge today. I’m in the process of moving home so everything is up in the air!

The full edition will be back on Tuesday!

In the interim, here are a few of the most interesting stories and reports from the last few days.

  1. The Transport Committee (MPs, not Lords) this week published a report on zero-emissions vehicles. You can read it here. There are some prudent points and recommendations on rural charging, reliability and pricing (including the VAT disparity between private and public chargers)

  2. Is anyone else fed up with these ‘how far can you get on an EV’ articles in the news? I am, it’s totally stupid but The Guardian has done one anyway. Give it a read and feel angry.

  3. The Guardian is also looking for people’s views on living with and owning an EV - presumably for a feature story. You can provide your own thoughts on living with an EV to them. See here.

  4. What Car? magazine has published its results of their own EV Car Awards for 2021. You can read the results here (includes hybrids).

  5. Further to the initial news that Tesla will share its superchargers with other EVs, Mr Musk has put more meat on the bone of how it will work following their recent quarterly results. See here.

  6. Speaking of Tesla sharing their chargers, I am starting to wonder if they were pushed into this decision. One Twitter used shared a plan - believed to be recent - for a charging hub in Thurrock yesterday and the majority were superchargers compared to a smaller number by Gridserve/Ecotricty. Surely at some point a government somewhere has gone ‘Hey, Elon, mate, you need to share your toys?’.

The Fast Charge will be back properly on Tuesday. Have a good weekend!

Tom Riley