Yes, elephant no.1 is a major problem. When we bought our EV less than 2 years ago, home charging was ¼ the price of petrol and public rapid charging was ½ the cost. Now public charging is at parity and a significant reason to switch has gone. This will surely impede the growth of EVs. It is pure opportunism – regulation would be the answer.

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It would be better to argue that EVs are affordable by promoting American cars is wrong – not only is the country not a friend to the environment or perhaps humankind, but we’re also missing a huge economic opportunity by doing so: if they end up dominating our roads, we’ve failed.

One of the two super powers consumes many times more per capita. One of the two is ahead of its net zero target, deployed more renewables than Europe, and is by far the world's largest EV market.

One of the two destroyed the British on line gambling industry and replaced it with its own.

We are continually bombarded by anti-Chinese propaganda, and it is important to recognise it for what it is.

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