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Nice to see my local MP (Richard Fuller) posted the electric van industry's version of this agenda on his Facebook page.

In other news the first car with Vehicle to Vehicle DC charging launched today. The Zeekr 001 now includes a 60kW DC charger for some reason.

An influencer posted a video of charging one of the first Li Megas from 10-80% in 10 minutes, and the LFP Zeekr 001 also manages 11 minutes from 10-80%.

You might want to use LatePost and 36kr as sources. LatePost have some very good in depth articles. This week's was about the development of Xpeng's Navigate on AutoPilot software. They have also covered the building of high pressure casting machines, and the battle between Ideal and Huawei for the Chinese high end. If you use Apple then you might need to use DeepL to translate, but otherwise your browser will do it.

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