We have used Cornwall Services a number of times which boasts a great looking array of Gridserve battery boosted chargers and even a futuristic looking canopy of solar panels, but when those batteries run low, you can find your EV charging at a very low rate – on one memorable recent occasion on a Sunday at 11pm we got only 3kw/h and had to stay on overnight to accumulate sufficient charge to get back home to Devon. The article at least confirms the hope that this is interim, while waiting for sufficient supply from the grid to come on stream.

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With regard to charge point access, it depends on the size of the car.

Small cars typically nose into a space and often can't reverse in, and so the charge point should be at the front.

Large cars typically need to reverse into a space, and so the charge point should be at the back.

Putting them on the side doesn't work for the vast majority of chargers.

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