Not more charger doom and gloom.

If you look at the number of ultra-rapids it is growing faster than the number of EVs. Perhaps we should use the total kW capacity as a measure to avoid the vast number of ancient 2kW mistakes from distorting the picture.

Lumping rapids and ultra-rapids together is a problem because their purposes are different. Rapids are mainly destination charges, and ultra-rapids are journey chargers. There are a few old 50kW units on the motorway, but they are far out-numbered by the those on housing estates in places like Milton Keynes.

Building many more destination chargers at this point in the roll out would be a mistake, as they would just sit there unused, unmaintained and decaying. Again this has been the fate of the BP units in Milton Keynes where near enough everybody with an EV can charge at home. Until prices fall further, It is still very much a case of if you can't afford a house with off-road parking you can't afford an EV.

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