It is a shame that the government doesn't differentiate between rapid and ultra-rapid chargers. The world has moved on and in the same way that HD TVs are low definition, rapid chargers aren't seen as rapid any more.

The M6 for example has a vast stretch without a single 350kW charger.

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You make a great point, I've often thought they should be reclassed now that the speeds are going up, but also as EVs themselves can take on much quicker charging. I've not done the sums though assume if you were to remove all the 50kw/25kw chargers from the 'rapid' bracket we'd have few rapid chargers in the UK.

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Apr 27, 2022Liked by The Fast Charge

An interesting point but it does need to be made clearer how few rapid chargers there are on our motorway network. There are a surprising number of 120kW+ chargers in strange places such as Costa Coffee Stafford. Really you don't need that many, but you do need them at least every 50-60 miles on major routes.

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