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I'm currently in the charging desert on the North East Coast south of Middlesbrough. If it wasn't for McDonald's there wouldn't be any functional chargers until you reach York or Hull. There are a chargers, but they have all been broken for months or years. The authorities can't even blame lack of demand as there are plenty of EVs visible.

Even larger towns like Redcar, Whitby and Scarborough lack charging hubs and on street chargers.

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All our thoughts and prayers are with you in that struggle! I was in Scarborough recently and only spotted one or two EVs, so hopefully more chargers will arrive with the cars (fingers crossed anyway!)

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There are lots of EVs in more affluent areas such as Saltburn where we stayed. I asked the town council and was told they are putting in chargers over the winter. They can't get power to all the parking areas, but are evidently heading in the right direction.

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