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The best place councils could put chargers is park and rides. It's a double win because you encourage public transport use and reduce congestion as well.

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This will make you sick

The article below is an excerpt from our Q4 2023 commentary.

“Electric vehicles (EVs) are pilling up on lots across the country as the green revolution hits a speed bump, data show.”

~ USA Today, November 14, 2023

“Hertz Global Holdings announced Thursday it planned to cut one-third of its global EV fleet over the year. Following the announcement, Hertz CEO Stephen Scherr suggested the road to electrification could be bumpier than anticipated.”

~ Bloomberg, January 11, 2024

Starting mid-point last decade, the investment community became convinced EV adoption would quickly surge. EV penetrations would become so great that global oil consumption would imminently peak, or so consensus opinion widely believed. 2019 was repeatedly referenced as the year that oil demand would peak and then decline. In retrospect, these concerns were misplaced. Despite the massive COVID-19 disruption, oil demand in 2024 should reach 103 m b/d – 2.3 m b/d greater than 2019. Undeterred by the surprising surge in demand, many analysts remain convinced that “peak oil demand” is still imminent.

The investment community’s belief that EVs will displace the internal combustion engine remains as strong as ever. We vigorously disagree.


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I'm not surprised at civil servants calling for more planning and discussion. If they finish something they become surplus to requirements.

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Haha, as a former civil servant I think that's maybe partly true. More like they just don't have expertise to make helpful policy proposals, so default to what they know and is low risk in eyes of SpAds/Ministers.

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