Sitemap - 2021 - The Fast Charge

Top six EV trends for 2022

Should we prepare for zero emission zones?

Motoring lobby raises chargepoint growth concerns

Energy crunch hits charging networks

Questions raised about DfT's 'iconic' chargepoint

Britain's battery hopes dashed by chemical giant

Joint EV deal at COP26 looks set to falter

Onto doubles its delivery costs to £99

Number of new EV chargepoints slows (again)

William and Kate go fully electric for climate event

Did Tesla really top the model charts?

IPOs, EV classic cars and 1,000 AMIs

Apple legend Jony Ive is designing an EV with Ferrari

Energy crisis has EV owners worried

Tesla's Model Y launch scuppered by its owners club

Meet Dan Caesar: the joint CEO of Fully Charged

BP admits "more to do" with charging network

Could Britain short circuit without an upgrade?

How has BP lost its pulse?

Iconic chargepoints, subscriptions and a suspicious Herbert

EV chargepoint growth has slowed to 7% since March

No Fast Charge Today...!

The looming battle between hybrid and all-electric cars

Watchdog calls for tougher EV charging oversight

Boss of Audi UK reveals fresh production delays

Is this Ford's UK prototype EV pick-up truck?

UK will publish Transport Decarbonisation Plan tomorrow

Chargepoint operators lock up people's money for weeks

One drives an electric car, says Queen

Britain charges up for £8 billion EV investment

Council sends warning letter over pavement charging

Revealed: Porsche Taycan orders halted by chip shortage

British Police Start Testing Tesla Cop Car

Green energy firms mull GB News boycott

Pope goes electric and Musk reveals new Tesla

London’s E-Scooters, Cornwall and Red Phone Boxes

BP raises charging prices twice in 24 hours

Wuling's Mini EV remains top dog on EV leaderboard

Special Report: Britain’s Ultra-Fast Charging Problem

Who keys a Tesla in Hammersmith?

One in four plan to buy an EV says Ofgem

More green cars but charging points slow

Tesla could soon accept Dogecoin, hints Musk

No penalties for not fixing charging points

1 in 5 Californian EV owners return to petrol

Cobalt, Motorways and London's e-scooter trial

How is Instavolt only charging 5% VAT?

No Fast Charge today

Garden Bridge architect builds an electric car

66% of EV drivers called for help in the last year

South Korean EV mischief and Dubai's self-driving cars

Will micro EVs ever catch on in Britain?

Cookie crumble, crab walking and lucid dreams

Foolish Volkswagen, Ambitious Biden and Failing Morrison

Going Green, Uber Green, Philip Green

Shell ups price with a sausage roll bribe

Grant cuts, Oscar Wilde and e-scooters

Do we need a universal charging index?

Home converted e-bikes face stop and search

Electric vans, vanquished oil and VAT

Majority of charging points left ‘out of service’ for months

Islington Council have blocked their own charging points

Hyundai PR tomfoolery, EV shares and the NAO

Councils could get tougher on EV cables over pavements

Home charging points are going bi.

How you can get involved in the charging point rush

Charging point hogging and office printers

France connects, Norway reacts, Hyundai retracts

EV owners without home points pay more tax

Who wants to make their own electric supercar?

Zoe wins, Hyundai flys and Tesla dives

Exclusive: Majority of British Ministerial cars still rely on fossil fuels

Fast batteries, James May's limo and explosions

Posh points, posh people, posh places

Renault, Renault, Renault (and Lotus)

Printing motors, killing Tesla and whether EVs are innocent

Jealousy, fireworks and how Norway became an EV success

Pandas, Jaguars and Earth's Cheapest Electric Car

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